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Bhutanese celebrated “Dashain” programme in Arizona

DSCN1495Bhutanese refugees celebrated hindu’s great festival called “Dashain” in Arizona , Phoenix on 27th Sept. 2009 Sunday. The programe was organized by B.C.A (Bhutanese Communities of Arizona) whose president is Manorath Khanal. This was the second time that the Bhutanese refugees celebrated Dashain in Arizona, Phoenix. They celebrated by conducting cultural programme. They shown cultural dance, solo song, maruni etc. Lots of Bhutanese, Americans, Nepalese and also Indian were present there as a guest. President of the B.C.A. Manorath Khanal said that we conduct this programe by ourselves without begging help from others and we get success to held this programe and also he express happy to held progame in happiest way. Many of the guest got enjoyed in programe and they known that, what the hindu religion’s greatest festival Dashain is. Important Bhutanese people in Arizona who used to help in communities they are Manorath Khanal, Rameshwor Adhikari, Dr. Purna, Tara Nepal, Homnath Baral and others are also present there to make programe better. At the of the programe Bhutanese said that we will never forget this Dashain programe and we want this type of programe in future also and all of the Bhutanese in Arizona express happy to celebrate great festival Dashain in another country.

New Nepali Movie Song BATULI (बाटूली)

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